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Monika Coble

Monika Coble

President and Co-Founder

As President of pixelEYESthis, Monika brings her broad knowledge and experience in design and project management. She specializes in analyzing a client’s needs and creating a project that meets budget, time and design requirements. Her energy and willingness to work with clients has been invaluable to growing pixelEYESthis and with her continued leadership she has the company looking forward to the future!

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Scott Coble

Scott Coble

Director of Creative Design and Co-Founder

As Director of Creative Design at pixelEYESthis, Scott Coble is responsible for transforming client’s ideas into something tangible. From basic websites to complex applications, he has helped clients reach their goals by using proven methods of proper project management and sound design principles. Firmly believing that establishing clear scope and requirements at the inception of the project is the best ( and easiest ) way  to be successful, Scott manages a project from its’ humble ( or not ) beginning to the very end.

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Please contact us and we will go over different options to help you meet your online needs. Our team is dedicated to making sure our clients get a cost effective solution while providing excellent customer service.

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