mobile development

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Are you ready??? … mobile browsing has surpassed desktop browsing in total volume. This means your company / organization will be missing over 50% of the market if you are not mobile ready. Let pixelEYESthis get you there. We have extensive experience in the mobile arena, and can provide you with cost-effective solutions to grab this ever increasing market. Still not sold?

For your mobile  site / app we provide:

  • multiple design templates to chose from…which we refine in the design process
  • hosting and hosting support
  • content management systems (CMS) -so you can maintain the site on your own
  • logo design (if needed)
  • graphic design
  • content updates…even if you have a CMS
  • eCommerce…shopping carts!
  • stock photos…although your own pictures are recommended!
  • Training….believe us, this comes in handy!

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